Saturday, May 19, 2012

Immunization & Vaccine

Hi :)

Qays at 2 months checkup. Dah pandai senyum, and response to people. Qays love and easily attract to bright colors. So I dah start introduce him to bright colors flash cards.

When for first immunization injection for DTP & POLIO & Hib + Hep. B. Nangis kuat tapi tak lama. We also opt for Rotavirus vaccine.

Reaction for both immune and vaccine was not that bad. FUH! Qays slightly got fever. Oklah.. tak serius sgt. about 37.6. Satu hari je demam. Tapi the hardest part is he had a severe crankiness stomach pain due to reaction to Rotavirus Vaccine! Adoi.. Nangis sampai takde suara. Sian.

We still do some research on the vaccines samada nak continue to second dose ke tak. 

Any blogger doctor here to give some opinions?

Love, :)

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