Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fisher Price Caddy Bag

Hi :)
Excited to share! I just bought a baby caddy bag last week. Best sgt! Just perfect for the size, colors & compartments. 

Practical sgt! Siang I letak downstair, malam I angkut ke Upstair. So tak perlu kecah. Sekali angkut je semua. hihi..

I put everything needed for changing. Nappy cream, Rinse Cleanser, Wipes, Minyak Telon, Sanitizer, Moisterizer, Pampers & changing mat too!!

The interesting part is the price not bad! RM39 only. I bought from PutehKids. I tgk dekat MyBBstore RM90. hihi

This is my first time with PutehKids, so far I happy with the service. Might consider to purchase more! Efficient & Pantas! 

Love, :)

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