Sunday, January 2, 2011

three.sixty.four project :p

Hi darling readers, :)
Hows your weekend? Mine was hectic sikit..
Friday : Meet up with 3 clients, house cleaning with husband. Since bulan 12 is our travelling month..rumah ditinggalkan tak dikemas sebulan.. giler kan! Nanti I review my december trip k. :) Syiok!
Surprisingly KL tak jam pulak cuti-cuti panjang nih.. and tak susah nak parking kereta di
Midvalley and Times Square.. Ramai balik kampung kot kan..
Ok, back to the main topic, I want to share with you my blog directionss.. mean I dah set target what topic I want to write here.. the topics that I want to write are mostly decided based on Sinan's approval. muahahahha...sebab dia tahu sometimes bini dia suka cakap merepek2! Ok.....FINEEEEEEEE SAYANG!! :p
Sebab apa I need to this, senang in future I nak manage my blog. takdelaah berlobang berbulan-bulan.. muahahaha..
So, here goes:
1. travel review - I will share my Guangzhou, Jakarta n Bali trip k. Owh ya.. some request sambung Melbourne!! muahahahaha...ok ok I will.. ramai yang berminat nak pergi Melbourne
kan kan kan..mmg syiok pun!
2. Ipod/Iphone and Android Apps review.
3. My photography
4. Work life
5. Daily activities
6. Recipe - samada I buat sendiri or cilok dari blog lain and share here.
7. Work
8. Dining out reviews
9. Fun videos and articles
10. three.sixty.five. project which officially dah jadi three.sixty.four project je..muahahahha.. 365 project is ill share here my best picture(s) of the day. The pictures can be from Sinan's too.. Dan semalam letih sgt so tak dapat nak upload here. Adoi.. geram pun ade!
10 je?!? ok I tambah one more.. :p
11. My dream house - deco and etc etc..
muahaha.. above topics are subject to change to bertambah or berkurang depending on level of:
i. boringnye topic kau nuown! :p
ii. dah takde benda nak dishare!
iii. i dah pregnant nanti (insyallah amin..) mestilaa nak cerita pasal baby2 kan.. :p
Ok, today's three.sixty.four project picture:
(three.sixty.four project - day 1)
Christmas Sengih-Clown we found at Christmas huge stage in Midvalley.
Love, :)

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