Saturday, January 1, 2011

His & Hers Comeback :D

Dear darling readers, :)
Happy Twenty Eleven!! :) Alhamdulillah 2010 was a verrry good year for Sinan & I and we hope yours too.
So whats 2011 target pulak? For us, we have sooo many plans and we are ready to focus to achieve that. One of my target is, I really want to focus on my blogging habit. haha :p .I know I left His & Hers blog for likeee berbulan-bulan.. some said dah berkubur..some said pregnant kot..haha..which is not pun.. the big big reason is MALAS plus it takes some time you know to balance up jaga rumah and byk lah lagi.. with your PERSONAL TIME!! hihihi..
But it doesn't mean I tak stalk :p or jalan-jalan to blog lain.. hihi.. I found soo many interesting blogs and I respect giler how they manage to blog everyday.. hihi.. and i rasa i learn byk jugak by reading others blogs..some inspired me alot, and i think its not fair if i tak blog. Because ade certain2 things i rasa bagus to share with public..sharing is caring kan kan kan.. :)
So to make blogging as my routine habit, in order to achieve that, I have list down my blog directions.. (See see, I dah cakap i dah serius :p) means, I dah plan what topics i want to write here.. Will share with you guys tomorrow ok..
We just return home from New Year shopping trip, penat.. I think I stop it here dulu ok.. Mau rest!
See you tomorrow! :D
Love, :)

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