Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Pregnancy Outfit & Tips

Fertility Mind Belly Belt:

1. I only shop less than 5 new outfits during my pregnancy. These include skirts, tops & dresses only. No pants! Reason wise, I don't gain weight sgt dekat peha & bontot. So I still can fit to my jeans n pants cuma I cannot fastened the button.

2. So what I did was, I bought fertility mind belly belt from 9 months at RM70++.

3. I tgk dekat Mothercare RM100++. SAVE RM30++

4. Comes in 2 types button. Each types ade 2 size.

Cara pakai: Refer video ni:


Bellaband : Ingrid & Isabel

1. Tak cantik pakai bellybelt je. Sebab nanti perut dah besar, kalau pakai tshirt paras bontot nampak bellybelt yang tak berapa nak kemas + nampak perut. Sebab dah pakai seluar bawah perut yang besar kan.. Sikit je lagi boleh nampak tut tut tut..

2. So I secured my pants & cover perut with Bellaband.

3 This bellaband sooo comfortable, tak panas & really secured my pants/kain baju kurung. Sebab sgt elastic & expandable.

4. Bila pakai baju yang dah tersingkat sebab perut besar.. nampak mcm pakai dua lapis baju. Hihi fashionable tau.

5. Bellaband comes in many colors. Ada with or without lace.

6. Takda jual di Malaysia. Puas cari. So I beli Ebay from this seller,: fantasticfinds44you

7. Price: RM70++ with shipping. 2 weeks baru sampai.

8. Bare in mind, korang boleh beli dari seller lain tapi pilih yang top-rated seller and baca review ok.

9. I beli size 2. Gamble. Just nice utk normal size. I pakai till now.

10. Bellaband save my pocket gilaaaaa!!! So i can spend more on baby stuffs. Every pregnant women should have this.

Selamat Berfashionable Mommy!! hihi

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