Monday, November 7, 2011

bump at 19 weeks..

Today marks im at 20 weeks pregnancy. My baby alhamdulillah healthy and comfortable in mama's womb. Great!! Dancing, moving and kicking so actively. I discovered my pregnancy so far has been a wonderful experience. No severe morning sickness. Just some sleeping trouble at the first trimester but but but i had a very funny and ridiculous dreams emm almost every night. Haha. Some rashes at my waist, alhamdullilah not on my tummy..and a few spots on my arms. Not serious one.. I dont feel like eating rice. I prefer pasta, mee or bihun and cheesy food. Selera mat salleh!! Hihi.. Life is wonderful and great. Appreciate each day with a positive mind and healthy food guys. :)
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NoRr said...

yeayyyy!! caiyokkk babe~ u look great!! enjoy ur pregnancy k..