Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arif & Farah Wedding Highlight :) The awesome video was done by Style Weddings..

This is my brother Arif. If mine for bertandang dulu naik beatle.. this time i propose to him naik VESPA! :)

For b2b, do add up some fun props so your video highlight or wedding pictures will looks unique and dramatic eventhough your wedding simple je.

For me, why i choose vespa sebab follow thru with the wedding concept. Tradisional Songket..

For those who seeking for videographer, do contact Style Weddings. Their videography package starts from RM1388.

Enjoy! :)



awesome video! it just made me smile all the way :)

illianiAriffin said...

kak nurul, kawan yani nak dtg..nak tgk pakej style wedding ni..tibe-tibe excited tgk office baru korg :)