Monday, February 14, 2011

I am 14 February babe!

Dear darling readers, :)

I am 26 today. Alhamdulillah.. :) I am happy and had a blast celebration with colleagues and birthday wishes from friends. 

I am now resting and relaxing at The Gardens Hotel and sedang dimanjakan oleh Sinan. Hihihi.. he offered me a spa package at Angsana Spa, tapi di atas sebab2 tertentu I terpaksa cancel and we had in room spa here at Garden. wahahahahha.. Therapist nye adalah my only one, Sinan laaa... so far he is my best ever therapist ok. I mmg jarang sgt ke reborn ke or any spa boutique as I love to be massaged by Sinan. Dia mmg pandai urut. keturunan katanya.. hihi..

Tadi we pergi beli Loccitane beauty care set, I chose the Verbena range of product. hihihihihihi.. feel ala ala 'Serai Massage' as Verbena bau mcm serai ckit..kah kah kah kah.. ckit jerr.. 

Oklah, nanti I review pasal garden hotel k and balas comment semua.. will be here till tomorrow je..

Love, :)


0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

happy birthday sis!!

hidden.wing said...


Nuown said...

Oshinz: Tqs :)

Ashylla: Hi Auntie, :) happy birthday!!! hihi

NoRr said...

hi nuwon.. ;) happy belated belated b'day ye...hehe..many2 happy returns!