Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horahorey Videography

Hi darling readers, :)

Introducing to my blog readers, Horahorey Videography. Horahorey is one of our proud products under Digital Durian besides Currently, they focus more on wedding videography but sometimes they shoot birthday parties as well. 

Jasmine's birthday party was done at Carcosa Sri Negara.  Horahorey covered the event and this video is one of their best. BB, Jasmine's mother told us that Jasmine always 'hijacks' their tv. Hihi.. she wants to see her videos all the time and keep on repeat the video till she penat. hihihi.. cute kan!

So let's view Jasmine videos HERE. 

(click the picture)

So for Bride-to-be's or mothers who are interested with Horahorey, you can contact Sinan at

Love, :)

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